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17Veggie Food for Cats & Doggies2580
16Veggie Shopping in the UK1,3700
15Veggie Food Labeling3580
14Veggie Fast Food2,4470
13Veggie Mobile Caterers3360
12Veggie Restaurants in the UK1910
11Veggie Accommodation in the UK250
10View jake's Story360
9Vegetarian Nobel Laureates660
8Vegetarian Scientists790
7The Stories of Two Vegetarian Geniuses1750
6The Positive Example of a Young Spiritual Practitioner1970
5Vegetarian Awakening in the Himalayas530
3E Numbers1,3180
2Ten Reasons to eat more like a vegetarian3080
1why People must be vegetarian5700

Vegetarian Nobel Laureates
and Scientists

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Vegetarian Recipes
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