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Q: Are the Five Precepts mandatory after initiation?

    M: It is better for you and everyone else, for your conscience and the
       peace on earth, for your wisdom and your nobility. It is better to keep
       the Five Precepts.

                   Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 27, 1993 in Paris, France

    Q: What is the reason behind not eating eggs and we can drink milk?

    M: We can drink milk, yes we could, no problem about milk because we
       don't have to kill the animal for milk. About the egg, even if it's not
       fertilized egg, it still contains a kind of symbol of life and death,
       born and reborn, and also the egg has the potential of attracting the
       negative energy. Perhaps you would read or know or heard that many of
       the magicians, they use the eggs to attract the negative entities from
       some of the possessed persons. Therefore we do not like to attract the
       negative force into ourselves, because now we try to reach the positive

                     Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on December 23, 1994 in Thailand
                      A Telephone Interview with Radio Five On "Sunday Focus"


    Q: If someone has taken the initiation already and after that they
       cannot practice or do what they have promised, is it a big sin and can
       they quit being a practitioner?

    M: Sure they can, anytime. It's difficult to be a disciple but it's
       easy to quit. It's just that they stopped at that level they attained,
       and do not progress if they don't sincerely want to achieve a higher
       level, and if of course they committed sin, then they also would be
       handled like everyone else.

                     Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on December 23, 1994 in Thailand
                      A Telephone Interview with Radio Five On "Sunday Focus"


    Q: Could you please explain your precepts against killing. Specifically
       against abortion.

    M: Wa! You get me into trouble. Ah, Thou shalt not kill is the precept
       of all religious scriptures, not only Christians. It's even in Jainism,
       Hinduism and other religions also. If they truly take this thou shalt
       not kill in a true sense of the precept, abortion, of course, should be
       avoided. And the doctor should be very precise in determining what is
       the special situation that people should undertake this. Because maybe
       sometimes it's dangerous for the mother, yeah, or dangerous for both.
       So, the doctor should be fair in determining that situation. Otherwise
       I think we should save life in any way we can. Whatever special
       circumstance with you, that you have to answer, your self- conscience,
       and the doctor has to determine that. Okay? I am not here to condemn
       anyone, because I know life is very hard, and very difficult to say
       which is right and which is wrong. Because we are also all under the
       sway of karma, of the law of cause and retribution, and sometimes it is
       very difficult for a person to go above that, to be saintly, and to be
       decisive about anything in life. But, bear in mind that if you have
       faith in God, and in all our wisdom and if we are enlightened, no
       circumstance is difficult, no situation is hard to handle. So, I just
       propose enlightenment, and no condemnation for anything. (Applause.)

                   Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 10, 1993 in Colorado, USA

    Q: You said You denounce immorality. What is meant by sexual
       misconduct? Is that wrong?

    M: I do not denounce anything. I just propagate correct way of life.
       And you are free to follow it, okay?! I do not denounce anything. If
       you feel that is a denouncement, it's not true. Just that you go into
       the wrong direction. Now you should go back to the right one, if you
       want to arrive at your destination which is the Kingdom of God. Too
       much sexual abuse and indulgence tires your body, exhausts your mental
       power which should be conserved for the greatest enlightenment, and to
       help yourself and to help mankind. It's more noble that way. That's
       all, yeah. Sexual misconduct means you have too many girl friends, too
       many boy friends, too many husbands and wives. It exhausts your
       storehouse of energy, okay?!

                   Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 10, 1993 in Colorado, USA

    Q: If after being initiated and I still make a mistake like eating meat
       or having an evil thought, does it mean that I'll be disconnected from
       God or suffer some bad punishment?

    M: Evil thought, you might not be able to control it immediately after
       enlightenment, because it's just like the car brake, you see. When the
       car runs sixty miles an hour, and if you want to brake it, do it
       slowly, yeah. So, it'll probably take some time to be able to purify
       completely yourself. But the meat you can avoid it, yeah, except when
       you don't know it and you eat it by mistake, then that's fine. But you
       have to meditate more on that day to clean that, because that is a very
       heavy karma. That's what makes people ill, what makes our body suffer,
       and what makes us go to hell afterward to repay for the suffering of
       other beings. (Applause.)

                   Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 10, 1993 in Colorado, USA


    Q: In Your teachings, Master Ching Hai, You talk about the five
       precepts. What is that exactly for our listeners who might not be
       acquainted with that?

    M: Yes, well, they are similar to the Ten Commandments of Catholicism,
       of the Christians. Like you don't kill. Refrain from harming other
       beings, including animals; hence, the vegetarian diet. And even don't
       cut trees and things at random. We don't worship nature but we must
       protect nature, even including trees and that; because they also have
       living, loving impulse within themselves. And also to protect our
       environment. It goes deeper than just the five sentences. But you know,
       this scares people. So I just say: We refrain from harming and killing
       other beings. We refrain from telling lies, tell the truth only. We
       refrain from stealing, but give in charity and love. We refrain from
       adultery, but are faithful to one another, helping one another
       spiritually and materially. We refrain from drinking intoxicants, drug
       and things like that, or alcohol.

                                      Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on Mar 17, 1995
            A Live Telephone Interview By KQSB Radio Station, California, USA

    Q: Master, one of the five precepts is refrain from sexual misconduct.
       How does this apply to singles?

    M: Oh! What we mean is that you should be faithful to each other. But
       in the case of some of the other religious orders, they may, due to
       their tradition, have many wives. If they already had them before
       initiation, then that doesn't mean they have to separate and take only
       one. But in the general case we tell people to refrain from having too
       many ties, because if you have one wife, I think you suffer enough. Oh,
       sorry. (Laughter) I mean... I am sorry. Don't kill me please. What I
       mean is the suffering in affairs of the heart are very heavy for the
       wife or the husband to bear. And that you don't want to cause to other
       people, let alone your beloved friends, or the mother or father of your

       So that's why we say refrain from having another affair if you are
       already married. But if you already have before initiation, just keep
       it like that. And better don't let the other to know each other.
       Minimize the suffering. The less suffering the better, because it will
       affect you also. You will have a bad conscience and guilty feelings.
       How can you meditate in peace? When you meditate you want to think
       about God. All you think about is the second or the third wife. Yeah!
       How she wanted to beat you last night because you came late, etc., etc.
       Or you bought better clothes for the other one etc., etc. Aiya! so many
       troubles. It hurts. That's why. That is called sexual misconduct.

       But in the case of people who are not yet married, of course in the
       modern time, I can not tell people don't, don't, don't do that, you
       know. Yeah! Then try to be faithful to each other, yeah? It's good for
       the heart, good for your moral and good for the mutual trust between
       each other and especially good for your health, you know nowadays. You
       read newspapers more than I do. The letters spelled very big. Should I
       say more? More and more people die from AIDS each day, so take care of

                         Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on Jan 10, 1995 in Singapore

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