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Q: Master, I understand there is a method called the "Convenient
       Method". Is it the same as the Quan Yin Method?

    M: Not exactly, but it offers you also a taste of enlightenment. And
       you can continue to practice that every day without such a strict
       regulation as a pure vegetarian diet or two and a half hours a day,
       things like that. You can meditate half an hour everyday or one hour
       apart, or twenty minutes, whatever you like, and eat the vegetarian
       diet as conveniently as your position or your situation allows. So
       that's why we call it "Convenient Method".

       And you also have enlightenment. But, it's a small kind of vehicle, you
       can only liberate yourself alone. And the Quan Yin Method will liberate
       many of your relatives and friends, up to seven or even nine
       generations, the people you don't even know, your ancestors, etc., and
       your next generation, your grand, grandchildren not yet born, etc..
       Because of the blood link, they will also be free.

                         Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on Jan 10, 1995 in Singapore


    Q: Even after initiation, I may not be a full vegetarian. Can I still
       be initiated by You today?

    M: You know the answer. I am also very touched by your honesty and
       sincerity. But we have another way for you. Not to completely reject
       you at all. Anyhow, you can practice the Convenient Method, and you can
       try vegetarian food whenever it's convenient for you, ten days per
       month, or twenty days, or fifteen days... Whenever convenience. Until
       you're completely satisfied with the idea that God comes first, God
       comes before everything else in life, before every reason, before every
       logic, before any pride at all, then you get initiation. Alright?
       otherwise, it's not fair for everyone else. Otherwise I initiate the
       whole theater, the whole hall. why you alone. Everyone else, many other
       people, most people would like my teaching, and love to follow the
       initiation process. Just they cannot eat the vegetarian. So why you
       alone? Then I just make a cheap wholesale. Everybody is welcome. It's
       not that I care whether you eat meat or vegetarian. But you must know
       what you want, and pay for it.

                        Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on March 9, 1993 in Singapore

    Q: Master, sometimes during meditation with the Convenient Method, I
       feel a chill from my spine going up to my head, and then there seems to
       be a feeling of energy encircling in my head. What does this mean? Is
       this a bad or good sign?

    M: It's okay. It's your kundalini at work. Afterward you'll be used to
       it. It's only a Convenient Method, and still it works all so much,
       because of the master power blessing you. Other people they practice
       many years to try to awaken the kundalini, and they can't do it.

                   Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 10, 1993 in Colorado, USA

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