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Q: Master, can You explain the initiation of the Quan Yin Method?

    M: Initiation is a kind of invisible opening wisdom ceremony. No
       flowers, no incense, no prostration, no Buddha statues, no church,
       nothing. Only you and your own positive original power. Now when you
       sit there all alone, then I will point to your soul where to go, in
       order to get back the positive and negative together, understand? Now
       you are separated because you are always leaning onto the negative side
       for survival. Now when you sit alone there and ready, willing to go
       back, I just pull you back. But no action involved. These things are
       abstract, are the wonderful things of the invisible power. There is no
       doing of anything. Do without doing.

       I don't have to be there even. I don't have to even know your name,
       your address, your age, your profession. I don't have to know you; I
       mean physically. Inside I know. Therefore the initiation is just like
       you sit there and get back your positive side. You know, like out of
       balance, that you always lean on the negative. Now, come back and then
       you're balanced. That's it. And then you know that you are enlightened
       because you saw the light, you received the teaching from heaven
       through melody.

       It's not by "Singlish", it's not by Chinese. It's wordless words,
       silent sounds. This will make you wiser, and more and more realize that
       you are great, and you are the master of the house. Yeah! That's the
       initiation. But no words can describe that, because I would not talk to
       you at that time. I might not even be present, because you will be
       along with the whole universe then. You know? That's how you know
       yourself. It's difficult to try to understand now. If you don't, just
       go for initiation then you'll understand.

                         Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on Jan 10, 1995 in Singapore


    Q: Specifically, what does Your initiation involve and once one is
       initiated, what would the day-to-day practice involve?

    M: Okay. Yes. First of all, it's all free of charge and no binding
       involved, except that you have to bind yourself, should you want to
       continue to go further. Hmmm? So, the conditions - no experience
       required. Yeah? No previous knowledge about any yoga, or any meditation
       required. But then, you have to commit yourself to a lifelong
       vegetarian diet. No eggs. Egg because it also involves of half-killing, even
       though it's how to say... infertile. And also it has kind of quality to
       have a tendency to attract negative power. You know, that's why many
       people of the black and white magicians field, or many voodoo people -
       so-called voodoo, they use eggs to draw some of the entities from
       possessed persons. If you know it or not? You know? Oh, that's
       fantastic! At least, I have immediate proof, if not immediate
       enlightenment, for you. (Laughter) And after initiation... the time of
       initiation, you experience the light and the sound of God. Yeah? The
       music of the spirit, it draws you up to the higher level of
       consciousness. You will understand the taste of samadhi - the deep
       peace and joy. Yes. And after that, you continue to practice at home,
       if you are serious. If you are not, I cannot push you, I cannot bother
       you any more. If you continue and you want me to help you all the way,
       then I continue. If you do not... you see that's the way. And two and a
       half hours a day meditation. Wake up early in the morning.

       Before you sleep, meditate two hours; and maybe half an hour in the
       lunch time. When I am not here to speak, you have one-hour lunch. You
       can hide away somewhere and meditate. That's already one hour. Yeah?
       And in the evening, you make one more hour or half an hour. In the
       morning, get up earlier one hour. Regulate more of your life, you know,
       less TV, less gossip, less telephone, less newspapers, then you have a
       lot of time. Yes, truly we have a lot of time but sometimes we waste
       away our time. Just like our car running in the backyard instead of
       going to Long Island, yeah. Are you satisfied with that? Or... ? Yes?
       Yes, and nothing more. No conditions for you, nothing else except you
       commit yourself to this lifelong practice. And everyday you experience
       different changes for the better, and different miracles for your life,
       not that you wish for it. It will happen anyhow. Understand? And then
       you truly experience what's heaven like on earth, if you are really
       serious about it. That's how many hundreds of thousands of our
       disciples still hang on, still hang on to me after many years, because
       they have better and better experiences, because they are serious about
       it and they do practice.

     Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on June 26, 1992 at the United Nations, New York


    Q: Dear Master, is meditation necessary before initiation? How will
       initiation help me in my everyday life?

    M: Meditation and experience about meditation practice is not required.
       If you have it, it's okay. If you don't have it, it's okay. You might
       have to start all over again because you didn't meditate in the right
       way anyhow. So we start to help you from ABC. And after your
       initiation, you will see miracles every day. It helps you in all
       aspects in your life. Whether you work better, or you take care better
       of your family, you are more loving towards your family members, more
       loving towards yourself, more self-confident, everything! One thousand
       and million of things, I can not tell you all. You have to experience
       it. It helps you. Otherwise, what is the good of meditation and
       suffering here every day, waiting for heaven. We have to bring heaven
       to earth by meditation practice. And we enjoy some part of heaven here,
       and then when we quit this earth, we enjoy even more!

                        Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on March 8, 1993 In Singapore


    Q: Is it okay to receive initiation from more than one master?

    M:Yeah, it's okay. But why is it necessary? For example, if your master
       has already taught you the light and sound within you, and you are
       satisfied and you're making progress with that path, then you don't
       have to be initiated by another master who will teach the same method.
       But nevertheless, if you are not completely satisfied and you would
       like to have more, I mean you are more convinced in some other master,
       of course you may do so.

                   Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 10, 1993 in Colorado, USA


    Q: Dear Master, Why must we be initiated to get enlightenment?

    M: Because you don't know how to get enlightenment yourself, otherwise
       you're welcome to try without initiation. If you already know how to
       get enlightenment, then please don't come.

                        Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on March 9, 1993 in Singapore

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