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Q: She would like You to explain the composition and the real
       principle of this method

    M: Okay, actually there is no written method, but there is a so-called
       method, because at the time of initiation, the so-called teacher or
       friend can help the people interested to know the Truth, open their
       own inner power to recognize their own Buddha nature. And this method
       is not a verbal one, it will be transmitted in silence. But then when
       it is done, the interested seeker will have realized a part of their
       enlightenment. For example we see brilliant Buddha's light or can hear
       some teaching directly from the Buddha, can see the self Buddha nature.
       Of course there are some helping factors, such as a guide or the
       teacher will tell the disciple how to sit and how to relax and where to
       pay attention to, but all these amount to nothing if there is no power
       behind the method.

                     Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on December 23, 1994 in Thailand
                      A Telephone Interview with Radio Five On "Sunday Focus"

    Q: Can You describe briefly the essence of Your method?

    M: Whatever I say with words are just concepts, to advertise the real
       thing. For example, I can tell you that the cookies from England are
       very tasty and aromatic, and the cookies are at my home. When you have
       actually eaten some, then I don't have to describe them to you anymore.
       When you are truly ready to accept it, then I don't have to say
       anything anymore. When you are truly enlightened, you will see light.
       You will see your own "Supreme Master" working inside you. You will
       hear sound, which is the special language God uses to communicate with
       us. You will feel more and more comfortable, more wise, more loving and
       mote clear about your own existence.

                               Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on Nov 23, 1993 in USA
                                      the Southern Chinese Daily News


    Q: Because it cannot be transmitted by words, how do You transmit it?

    M: First, the teacher must realize his own true self and then it will
       be done automatically in a different level of existence, in a different
       level of consciousness. It means the consciousness of the teacher and
       the disciple will be connected, and then something is done which we
       cannot explain in the verbal language. For example we cannot explain
       the love between a couple or love between a mother and a child, but
       nevertheless it exists and both of them understand.

                     Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on December 23, 1994 in Thailand
                      A Telephone Interview with Radio Five On "Sunday Focus"

    Q: Would You like everyone in this world to practice the Quan Yin
       Method, and why?

    M: Only because we suffer so much. If the people are happy with their
       life and they don't suffer, and they keep the kind of, for example
       Buddhist precepts or the Christian precepts - like we don't kill, we
       don't tell lies, we don't harm other people, we don't gamble, we don't
       take drink and drugs, things like that - then it's not very much
       necessary for everyone to practice. But because people mostly very
       suffer, even if they are rich and highly positioned they still suffer,
       therefore, if each one of us in the world can practice Quan Yin Method,
       of course it's better for them. Because the people who practice Quan
       Yin Method have such an inner happiness that money or position can
       never equal, can never exchange for it; and it is lasting, nothing can
       change it.

                     Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on December 23, 1994 in Thailand
                      A Telephone Interview with Radio Five On "Sunday Focus"

    Q: If one attains the highest level after practicing the Quan Yin
       Method, what would it be like, and have any of Your disciples attained

    M: If one attains the highest level in Quan Yin practice, then one
       becomes like Bodhisattva Avolakitesvara, you know, Quan Yin
       Bodhisattva, who can hear everything, can see everything, and can help
       people in different corners of the universe, without having to be near
       them or without having to know their names or person. And this is of
       course the goal of every follower of different religions, to become
       omnipresent, to become a source of blessing for all the suffering
       beings. And some of our disciples have attained near this kind of
       level, but they are very humble. You will not be able to discern them.
       It's just sometimes other disciples can tell, or during meditation then
       you can see, who is which level.

                     Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on December 23, 1994 in Thailand
                      A Telephone Interview with Radio Five On "Sunday Focus"


    Q: Master, Why is it seeing light and hearing sounds so important in

    M: Because that is our own real self. Light and sound is the
       manifestation of our wisdom inside, which is invisible to our eyes and
       ears. Hearing the sound doesn't mean you hear with the ears. Seeing the
       light doesn't mean you see with eyes. It's just the inside awareness of
       your own self, of your own glorious nature, that we are light; that we
       are a beautiful melody and that we are not the body. And the more you
       hear of this invisible, inaudible sound, the more you'll see this
       invisible light or heaven, the wiser you'll become; the more loving
       you'll become; the more satisfaction you'll gain; and the more
       efficient you will be to serve the world.

       It's not because the light and sound are important; it is because it is
       ourselves. It's just like food, we don't eat because of the taste only;
       it's because it will give nourishment that will later manifest as
       strength and energy, so that we can work for the family; we can think;
       we can read books; and we can do other things. That is the importance
       of food. Similarly, the importance of the light and sound is that it
       makes us wiser, more loving, more capable in all aspects. Alright?

                        Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on March 9, 1993 in Singapore

    Q: Dear Master, there is always a fear of the unknown. How can one be
       certain that the Quan Yin method is the right one?

    M: Of course, you don't know until you try. But as you see, from our
       lining principles, you can see that, even if the Quan Yin method
       doesn't do you any good, or you are not certain of the benefit of the
       Quan Yin method, one thing you can be certain that it will do you no
       harm. No harm if you eat vegetarian diet, at least, you will be
       healthy, if you don't believe in any spiritual compassion at all. It is
       proved scientifically that vegetarian diet is healthy for you. All the
       hospitals in the world are built for the meat eaters. You know that!
       Most of the meat eaters are in the hospitals anyhow. Okay, one stand

       The so-called five precepts are to protect you from the uneasiness of
       mind. Should you have only a very loving and one pointed relationship.
       You don't take what doesn't belong to you. You do not gambling, which
       causes misery to yourself, to your family and to others. You do not
       take alcohol and make your mind, your vision blurs. And if you take
       drugs, it is not good for you. So, for all this very apparent so-called
       material guidelines, as least you know our teaching, our method will
       benefit you somewhat. And from there you start. And you get to know

       At least, we offer you somewhat immediate proofs of enlightenment. And
       at least, we don't cash any money for it, before, between, and after.
       You have no conditions, no binding whatsoever. Suppose even afterwards,
       you don't want us, we also don't do anything to you. Understand? So, in
       any ways, you don't lose anything, you will only gain. That is some
       symbolic things I can tell you. But moreover, you might use your
       intuitive wisdom to ascertain which path to follow. It doesn't matter
       what I say, you have to know it. Pray to your Inner Self, to God, to
       Jesus, to Allah, to Buddha, to whoever you believe, to help you to
       decide. And if you see a stronger pull to come to us, then you know it
       is for you. Should you do not felt it or you felt stronger pull into
       the world. All right. Then you are not yet ready. Understand? It is
       very simple.

                 Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on Mar 16, 1993 in Sydney, Australia

    Q: Master, which religion does the Quan Yin Method belongs to and how
       does it differ to other religions?

    M: I have explained that all religions are actually the same. They all
       talk about the supreme power, the noblest and most compassionate
       quality within us. So I include all the religions. I never taught you
       to attack each other's religions. This is not the proper attitude for
       ordinary people, let alone the spiritual practitioners. Isn't that so?

                        Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on March 9, 1993 in Singapore


    Q: Master, will I be able to find my dead relatives and communicate
       with them if I practice the Quan Yin meditation?

    M: Dead relatives? Oh, sure, sure. But I am afraid maybe you don't like
       to go there. Some of your people are difficult to get in touch with. If
       you want to go such place, you need a Master. Otherwise you will be in
       danger. So it's not always good to see dead relatives. Now you practice
       the Quan Yin Method, and some of your relatives, dead relatives will be
       immediately released from whatever suffering they have. If they are
       already in heaven, they will go to a higher level of heaven. If they
       suffer light punishment, they can go immediately, quick. If it's too
       heavy, then we have to negotiate. Then the Master must negotiate or has
       to suffer for that person. But it won't be too long. For example, if
       those people have to suffer for thousands of years, the Master wouldn't
       have to suffer for thousands of years. Just maybe a few hours, or
       sometimes a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes prolonged
       but not a big deal sickness, things like that.

       So it's not always ideal to see your dead relatives. It's better to see
       live relatives. Love them, serve them, and encourage them before they
       are dead. (Applause) But you can see them, you can see them. Many of
       our practitioners see their dead relatives and friends coming to thank
       them that due to them, they are liberated. That is no big deal, no big

                         Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on Jan 10, 1995 in Singapore

    Q: What's the real teaching?

    M: The real teaching is not in any religious scripture. The real
       teaching is inside ourselves. So the master only reminds us that we
       have the Kingdom of God inside, have Buddha inside us. The Buddha said
       the Buddha is inside yourself, you are the Buddha. Jesus said God is
       inside you, that means you are God. Who can teach the Buddha? Who can
       teach God anything? Therefore the master only tries to awaken the great
       wisdom within yourself.

                                    Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 27, 1994
                               Korean Religious News, Issue No.1062, in Korea

    Q: How do You explain the Quan Yin Method to non-initiates?

    M: It depends on the level of the listeners, also depends on their
       religious backgrounds, depends on their openness and eagerness. But
       general, we can tell them that in most of the scriptures of the great
       religions of the world it is stated that all beings come from the sound
       and the light. So the Quan Yin Method is the way to bring us back to
       this original creative power, back to where we came from, back to where
       we originated. And because of Quan Yin Method, we can hear the original
       sound and see the original light. That is our origin.

       And this original power contains everything that we desire, because it
       can create everything. Therefore after contacting this original
       creating power, we can own and create everything. We have no more
       desire and attachments, and the desireless state means "Nirvana". But
       that doesn't mean we throw away the world, we still contribute to the
       world, but we have no desire.

                                    Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 27, 1994
                               Korean Religious News, Issue No.1062, in Korea

    Q: Did the Quan Yin Method exist also in ancient times?

    M: The Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng passed down the Quan Yin Method to ten
       disciples. However, the lineage of the method was discontinued later.
       It was because the most enlightened disciple had gone to another
       country and developed there, and this country heard no more about this

       Sometimes because of political reasons, economic reasons or the
       collective karma of the people of that country does not allow Master's
       teachings to be continued there. So it will go develop in another

       This time is urgent, besides so many disasters, so many wars, so many
       suffering in this world, you can't wait to select one or two disciples.
       It is the order from heaven that we spread it quickly and openly. It is
       the mercy of heaven, of Buddhas also.

       We have accumulated too much negative karma, through the killing of
       animals en masse, and through many destructive weapons.

                                    Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 27, 1994
                               Korean Religious News, Issue No.1062, in Korea

    Q: There are a lot of methods in this world, why did You choose or
       accept the Quan Yin Method as your practice?

    M: Yes, I have also practiced many different methods before I realized
       this Quan Yin Method is the one which offers you the quickest and the
       highest level of self-realization. That's why I announce it to whoever
       would like to share the fortune, like I did.

                     Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on December 23, 1994 in Thailand
                      A Telephone Interview with Radio Five On "Sunday Focus"

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